Have you heard the phrase, “Fake it ‘til you make it?”

While it’s often said with good intent. The concept is inherently flawed at the core. There is no circumstance where being fake or pretending to know something that you don’t is ok; especially when trying to build your network.

Here are some do’s and dont’s that will help you stay on point in your networking game.

Tip #1:

  • Don’t fake a smile, fake a laugh, or fake small talk. It invites skepticism and distrust.
  • Do prepare as much as you can for any meeting, phone call, face-to-face, and even before you text.

Tip #2:

  • Don’t be easily distracted during one-on-one conversations. Heads up, it makes you seem disinterested and inauthentic.
  • Do be attentive. Remember names. Repeat the person’s name several times during conversation and sound natural, not weird.

Tip #3:

  • Don’t interrupt a person during dialogue to make your point.
  • Do listen to understand, not just to respond. Acknowledge what the speaker has said, then add your bit. Ask questions during conversation to get better understanding. People like to feel heard.

Want more helpful tips? We’ve got you!

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