Remember the anti-drug ad campaign, turned catch phrase, in the late 80’s and early 90’s “Just say no!”? It went viral!

The message of  NO was empowering. It was a celebratory mantra promoting self-worth and a direct challenge to protect your future.

Today, NO is still a valid answer to issues that threaten our futures. The message of NO can be just as empowering today and can help you stay focused on reaching the goals that are most critical to your livelihood.

Here are 7 things you should say no to:

1. Say NO to time stealers. Some people will distract you simply to get you off your game. It makes them uncomfortable when you’re succeeding and surpassing their efforts. Stay focused.

2. Say NO to time wasters. Some things don’t deserve your time or attention. If it’s not critical to your current goal, skip it.

3. Say NO to dream killers. Some people spew criticism and doubt because they can’t see your vision. Don’t be disappointed. It’s not their vision to see, it’s yours. Stop asking for approval. Do you.

4. Say NO to addictive behaviors. Your body, your mind, your emotions, and your mental capacity are tools that carry you toward your purpose. Care for them, protect them, and don’t abuse them. If you take care of them, they will take care of you.

5. Say NO to unfruitful relationships. Enough said.

6. Say NO to responsibilities that belong to someone else. Protect your time. Be considerate of yourself. If you’re unavailable, say it. If you can’t go, say it. You don’t get brownie points for being Superman. That job’s already taken anyway.

7. Say NO to problems that are not yours to solve. Protect yourself from emotional attachment when problems don’t belong to you. Offer suggestions for solutions, but don’t invest time or attention when it’s unnecessary.

Saying NO will free up the time, energy, and resources that you need in order to move forward and achieve your goals. Say YES to NO.

2 thoughts on “Say Yes to No. Here’s how.

  1. This is so empowering! Thank you for your candid message. Now it’s time for me to apply it to my own life because giving too much of your self away leaves no room for forward movement.


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