10 Ways To Get Paid Doing What You Love In Fashion

By Melissa B. Manuel, Ph.D.

You can get paid doing what you love in fashion and it doesn’t have to take years to see a return.

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  1. Sell your service- Promote your service online and word-of-mouth. Also, ask your clients to give testimonials and referrals for new clients.
  2. Sell your product- Add a shop to your own website or use another online storefront like Etsy or Poshmark.
  3. Write an ebook about your process- It doesn’t have to be long, but make sure the work is high quality, edited, and has value-added content.
  4. Land a paid internship or apprenticeship. This is a great way to learn, enhance your skills, and get paid at the same time. It’s not just for students anymore.
  5. Create an app or game based on your work. Google it, it’s not as hard as you might think.
  6. Create a membership website for your audience. Can you create premium content that would help your readers in some significant way? Charge a monthly fee for members and add additional content regularly so that it’s worth it for them.
  7. Teach workshops. Have a skill or concept that others would pay to learn? Do a workshop and charge admission. Have more than one skill? Do more than one workshop…in multiple locations!
  8. Showcase and sell your work at events. Find events that are relevant to your work then research how to be an exhibitor. Most charge a fee, so consider if the profit you’ll make is worth the investment. Find an event that will provide the most benefit.
  9. Be an affiliate and get paid to promote other people’s work. Most companies have affiliate programs that you can apply for; it’s very common. Check out their website for an affiliate partner link and/or send an email to ask.
  10. Collaborate with complementary brands (not your competition) to work on paid projects together. Complimentary brands enhance each other. For example, a hair salon and a hair care product line would be complementary brands because they could promote each other’s service and product, respectively.  

Have questions or comments? Email me: melissa@fashionalumni.com


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