Episode 16: How to Make Bank & Land a Product in Top Fashion Mags w/ International Publicist,Yetunde Shorters

Which is more important getting paid or being popular? I think we all know the answer to that question.

Today on the Fashion Alumni Podcast, International Publicist, Yetunde Shorters shares proprietary information about how to pitch your fashion product to top fashion mags and make your business a success.

She also shares wisdom about the mindset needed to be a successful business owner. One tip that she shares: Fame and popularity don’t matter if you’re still broke. If your business is being strategic and making the kind of money that meets your goals, it doesn’t matter if people don’t know your name, yet.

In this episode, Yetunde tells you how to make bank instead of being popular and broke!

Yetunde’s clients pay thousands in consulting fees to get the insider information that she shares with us today. If you are a designer or any type of fashion entrepreneur and you’re ready to make bank…listen NOW!


File Jun 13, 4 12 43 PM.jpeg

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