Episode 26: Is Your Fashion Brand Doing This? Our talk w/Elizabeth Hague, Co-Founder of Wildcat Echo

Elizabeth Hague is co-founder of Wildcat Echo. She is a “brand experience expert and visual design wizard.” In her own words, ” I tear brands apart and reassemble them in to marketing machines. I engage audiences, demystify the science of branding, and deliver streamlined permanent solutions that foster business growth.” On Episode 26, Elizabeth is sharing how your small businesses can create a bonafide brand experience for your customers and clients including taking advantage of often overlooked marketing opportunities, overcoming challenges of reaching out to your market, and leveraging your brand to create multiple streams of income and more!

File Aug 29, 6 32 33 PM


Connect with Wildcat Echo:

Website: https://www.wildcatecho.com

Instagram: @wildcatecho

Email: team@wildcatecho.com


Connect with Fashion Alumni:

Website: www.fashionalumni.com

Email:  hello@fashionalumni.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fashionalumni/ 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/fashionalumni

Twitter: www.twitter.com/fashion_alumni


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