Episode 29: Fashion Designer, Kristin McIntosh Shares The Process For Creating Her First Collection

Kristin McIntosh is a dynamic go-getter. When she sets her mind to completing a project nothing can stand in her way. Creating the KMc Collection, her first womenswear clothing line, has not been any different. After earning a Fashion & Retail Management degree, Kristin decided not to take the traditional route of working for a corporate retail company. Instead, she decided to start her own brand to set and reach personal goals that she’s been dreaming of for years. Armed with knowledge, a business plan, and a lot of moxie, Kristin is projecting her sustainable womenswear line to debut Spring/Summer 2018. In this episode, she walks us through her design process.

File Sep 19, 10 48 50 AM

Connect with Kristin:

Website: KMC Collection

Instagram: iamkristinmcintosh

Connect with Fashion Alumni:

Website: www.fashionalumni.com

Email:  hello@fashionalumni.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fashionalumni/ 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/fashionalumni

Twitter: www.twitter.com/fashion_alumni





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