Episode 31: Fashion Designer, Rodnell “Kid” Harris, of Chicago Playground On How He Got Started In Fashion

Meet a visionary, a playmaker, a fashion designer on a quest to find like minds and bring artists together. Through his brand, Chicago Playground, Rodnell “Kid” Harris is helping his clients tell their personal stories with custom designed varsity jackets and cardigan sweaters. The Chicago Playground Brand has premiered at fashion weeks across the country from New York to LA. Celebrities also show much love and wear the Chicago Playground brand. For Kid, this success is just confirmation that he’s on the right path. If you want to know how this former basketball star created his own thriving fashion company…PRESS PLAY!

File Nov 14, 7 40 09 PM

Connect with Chicago Playground:

Instagram: @ChicagoPlayground

Website: http://www.chicagoplayground.net

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