Episode 33: D.J. Manuel says “Ditch the New Year’s Resolutions; Do this Instead”

Happy New Year Everybody! Thank God for a new beginning!

Today my guest is D.J. Manuel. He’s a successful entrepreneur, community leader, business consultant, and Senior Pastor of the Greater Friendship Missionary Baptist Church in historic Tuskegee, Alabama. He’s also a father of two and, last but certainly not least, he’s my husband of 21 years. To say this man knows a great deal about leadership, business strategy, time management, and work-life balance is an understatement. Over the years, he has helped me tremendously with time management, goal setting, and follow-through. I’ve seen first hand the tenacity and commitment it takes to run a business full time, attend to the needs of a growing congregation, as well as, commit to community involvement all while balancing personal and family life. I’ve invited D.J. back to be a guest for this first podcast of 2018 to consult with us on how to ditch the resolutions and create a real strategy for success in 2018. Whether you are looking to get promoted, looking for ways to take your business to the next level, or even looking to get your health or relationships on track; this advice will be a game changer. If you’re still making resolutions each year, I challenge you to do it differently this time around. Listen as D.J. talks about his tried and true method for creating a New Year’s Strategy!

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Connect with D.J. Manuel:

Website: eManuel Business Solutions

Author Website PastorDJManuel.com

Church: Greater Friendship M.B.C.


Connect with Fashion Alumni:

Website: www.fashionalumni.com

Email:  hello@fashionalumni.com

Facebook: @fashionalumni

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