Episode 40: Expert Tips For Choosing Your Entrepreneurial Focus w/Alexis Alexander

So many creative ideas…so little time!

Does your creative mind constantly churn out new ideas, ingenious thoughts, and inventive & witty suggestions? Does this make you feel energized, excited, but maybe a little overwhelmed all at the same time? Do you find yourself trying to figure out which idea to tackle first and the steps needed to get the job or project done?

Our guest today, Alexis Alexander, says “I’m right there with you”. “I can’t do just one (creative idea), it would stifle me”. “I don’t believe God has given me a lane, He has given me “lanes”.

In our interview, Alexis discusses how she navigates these lanes of creativity, how she intuitively manages her entrepreneurial focus, and she also gives practical and actionable steps for building your entrepreneurial dream while simultaneously working a full-time job.

If you need insight on how to choose your entrepreneurial focus, this episode is for you. Alexis says, “Either you’re going to create it and do it, or you’re going to be a watcher as it’s done.” This episode is a game changer; listen and share.


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