Episode 41: How To Tell Your Story & Define Your Unique Brand Identity w/DeMisha Burks

Jay DeMari is more than just a name, it’s a brand with a unique identity. It’s a brand with a message to share. Jay DeMari is the namesake of a mother’s son, it’s a mother’s dream realized, and it’s this mother’s legacy….DeMisha Burks

DeMisha Burks has loved the creative nature of the fashion industry from the very beginning. She dreamed of walking the runway as a high-fashion model, but her hopes were dashed by industry height standards & expectations; which eventually led to her own self-doubt. After years of listening to what others had to say about her future, DeMisha finally decided enough was enough!

No more conformity, no more blending in, and no more reflecting someone else’s expectations. She knew that she had a unique message to share with the world. And she decided to begin spreading the word by creating an online clothing brand, Jay DeMari, named after her son. She was clear that she wanted her brand to be an online commerce boutique with a global presence.

DeMisha’s message to young people all over the world is that your identity is unique. Your uniqueness is powerful. And never allow anyone to tell you any different.

What I learned from my talk with DeMisha is that, it’s time for each one of us to find our own voice, connect with like minds, honor our gifts, ignore the haters, put in the real work, and leave the rest in God’s hands. Listen to our interview and be encouraged.

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Connect with Jay DeMari Fashion:
Website: www.jaydemari.com
IG: @jaydemari

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