Episode 43: Ontavia Roulette, An American Couturier “How Creative Artistry Became My Business”

Ontavia Roulette is an American Couturier whose personality is magnetic. That same magnetism exudes from each piece of couture wear she designs.

Armed with skill, grit, and a bit of whimsy, Ontavia set out years ago to turn her empty garage into a master design studio to launch her own fashion brand. And she did just that. But, she didn’t start out in fashion; far from it. Ontavia was an opera singer trained by some of the greats and also worked for one of fastest growing company’s in America.

But, even as her career blossomed, she was still being wooed by fashion’s call. Wanna know how she made her career transition to fashion? Well, you’ll just have to listen to our talk to find out. Get ready to learn some expert entrepreneurial tips on following your passion, finding your focus, building your team, and creating opportunities for your brand to get noticed. Press play!

Photo May 01, 7 44 36 PM

Connect with Ontavia Roulette:
IG: @rouletteont
Website: www.ontaviaroulette.com

Connect with Fashion Alumni
IG: @fashionalumnipodcast
Website: www.fashionalumni.com

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